Emergency Medicine is the art and science of taking limited information, under significant time and emotional constraints, and coming up with the right course of action to treat patient's illnesses and injuries, and save lives.

I have over 25 years experience in Medicine, and am very active in all aspects--EMS medical direction (including Tactical EMS, ground and helicopter transports), EMTALA, hospital Emergency Department oversight, practice management, and clinical documentation issues for both billing and medicolegal protection. 

My current full-time position is Medical Director of a large metropolitan Emergency/Trauma/Stroke Center, seeing nearly 60,000 patients per year. I work full-time clinically seeing patients, plus manage all the other physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, and work with many other people inside and outside the hospital to ensure high quality and efficient care.

Statdoc Consulting is available to assist you in all aspects of training, preparation and implementation of Emergency & Tactical Medicine.


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